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Curb and Gutter Funnel Drains
We custom build and hold a US Patent on Curb and Gutter Funnel Drains. Our units can be installed when the curb is being poured and can have the elevation as well as the Fore and Aft adjustment done simultaneously which makes it a simple one step operation.
Flashboard Risers
We custom build flashboard risers in aluminum-galvanized or coated pipe. We offer multiple units - big or small, round or half round. We also have a full line of accessories such as Flap Gates, Sluice Gates and Beaver Guards. Aluminum or Pressure Treaded Stop Logs, too.
Full-Round Flashboard Risers
as well as Specialty Items
We offer a full line of fully round or half round flashboard risers in aluminum, galvanized or coated pipe.
Headwalls and Outlets
We custom fabricate aluminum and galvanized headwall and outlet structures. Our units are designed and engineered to meet state and federal specifications.
Storm Water Detention Systems
We offer a full line of Under Ground Detention Systems.
If you need aluminum-galvanized-perforated or coated-we can custom build it.
Pond and Lake Drains
We have risers in galvanized, aluminum and coated pipe with all the accessories - shear gates- sluice gates - trash racks, beaver guards and anti-seep collars with band or flange joints. We have perforated temporary EPA structures as well as aluminum permanent structures.
Drop Inlet - Catch Basins
Made from 3/16" Steel Plate with a 2" x 1/2" Bar Grates on 1" Centers to handle heavy vehicle loads. Various stub outlets will handle any kind of pipe connection. Custom built to the size and height you need. Your choice of long lasting zinc primer or galvanized coating.
Sluice Gates, Flap Gates, Shear Gates
We offer a full line of pipe accessories. We have many types of control gates - as well as trash racks, anti-seep collars and beaver guards and flanges. We also sell whole lengths of pipe up to 50' in length- as well as Polyethelene Plastic Pipe.
Bridges and Catwalks
We custom build Bridges and Catwalks as well as Dock Accessories.